One day every tourist will confess that the Western Tourism circuit of Kenya is the most rewarding tourism experience in Kenya. That day is not too far away. Tourism is no longer about the big things, or driving in tour vans, or basking on the white sandy beaches at the coast. Tourism of the future is about the small things; the butterflies, the birds, the sitatunga, the roan antelope, the soft adventure, the people, the culture and the hard adventure. A close look at this circuit reveals the availability of all factors necessary for adventure travel and Kenya Wildlife Service is well poised to reap from this trend.

Adventure travel holds the future of tourism in this country. It helps protect local communities and the environment in a responsible and sustainable manner. Adventure travel is no longer centered around adrenaline activities, they are just part of the whole. Today adventure tourism is far richer, more experiential and blends the physical activities, culture and nature tourism. We must therefore step out on a mission to engage in self discovery. We must seek authentic and transformative experience. The world has moved on, we all want to go back to the basics and experience real things. Ruma National Park, Ndere Island National Park, Kakamega Forest National Park, Saiwa swamp National Park all offer you these.

The good thing about this circuit is that it can pioneer adventure tourism. The old ways of tourism are no longer sustainable. Increasingly we must work harder and smarter to conserve spaces and species if we are to sustain our economies. Adventure tourism is the platform upon which we will convert tourists into advocates and defenders of conservation. It will also give us the pedestal to engage with communities in preaching the conservation message. Communities will directly benefit from this product by providing home stays, sharing their cultures and cuisine, providing other areas of discovery away from the parks and therefore increase the overall time spent by tourists in the destination with a resultant increase in spend.

KWS invites the travel industry to consider the great potential of this circuit and use it to create opportunity for the people of Kenya. The Western circuit is the future of Kenya’s tourism.

We are once again honored to use this platform provided by Machero to take a look into the future and engage to secure the future of tourism and conservation.