Things can change and that’s okay

With our Be At Peace Program, we’ve created a way to put your mind at ease about travelling. Things can change, and in case they do we’ve got you covered.

Change booking dates

You’re not locked in. We understand that things can change, which is why we allow you to choose a different booking date.

Choose a different tour

Just in case your new dates and your previous tour no longer work out, we have some hotel chains that will let you choose a different hotel within them.

Receive credit if plans change

If you can’t pick your new dates and tour at the time of cancellation, we will offer you a credit towards a future trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BE AT PEACE program?

We want you to book with confidence. Our Peace of Mind program means that if you decide to make a new booking for a tour now and your plans change, you can postpone your travel plans and convert what you paid to credit. You can apply the credit to future tours run by the same hotel chain.

What if I have an existing booking and want to postpone my plans?

If you have an existing booking and feel uncertain about your travel plans, some hotel chains are offering to postpone trips. The Credit for Future Tours feature converts your payments to credit. You can use the credit to book a future tour with the same hotel chain. If this is available for you, we’ll contact you via email and your booking page. This is only available for some hotel chains (we’re actively working to enable this for more hotel chains). 

Do all trips qualify for Peace of Mind?

Our BE AT PEACE program only applies to most hotel chains. Remember that if you decide to change your plans, the Credit for Future Tours will only be valid for the hotel chain with whom you originally booked, so choose wisely.

How long will I have to redeem my Credit for Future Tours?

Hotel chains determine when your credit expires. Some hotel chains offer credit with no expiration date.

What if a hotel chain needs to suspend my tour due to a global pandemic like Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The hotel chain that you have booked with values your health and reserves the right to suspend or cancel your upcoming departure should they have any safety concerns. If they choose to suspend the tour for any reason, you can expect to receive Credit for Future Tours from the same hotel chain. Journeys Travel Club will be in touch if this occurs.

How can I postpone my booking and receive my Credit for Future Tours?

Please log in to your account and click on your booking. Once in your booking, you will see the option to postpone your trip and receive a credit towards a future tour. If you are having difficulties, please give us a call. We appreciate your patience as call volume may be higher than usual, but we’ll assist you as soon as we can.

Will I incur any additional costs?

This will depend on hotel chain that you have booked and also the season.