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Who Are You Dealing With?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything taken care of when you travel? Beyond booking hotel rooms and flight seats, Journeys Travel Club enhances your travel experience and gives you access to the best. We take your travel needs very personally and make sure the package suits your needs. Be it leisure, corporate and group travels, or planning local and overseas corporate events, or even weddings and honeymoons, we leave no stone unturned to make sure your vacation or event is simply memorable.

Journeys Travel Club opens a world of destinations; our upscale set packages have everything you need to match your expectations, and, if you have a special customized travel request, all you have to do is pick the destination and the activities that you’re interested in during your trip, and leave the rest to us. As each trip starts with a personal consultation, just tell us your requirements and we will take care of everything; understanding your needs and offering unparalleled advice to create your perfect holiday.

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Our Mission: “To turn your special travel requests into everlasting memories.”

Our Vision: “To craft exceptional travel experiences.”

Since 2016 and beyond we’ve been crafting exceptional travel experiences for travelers. Our team of travel designers has operated around 11,500 tours in the past 8 years, giving us a wealth of experience to draw upon when we plan our amazing trips and tours.

Our Values: “A commitment to exceeding your expectations.” Through updating you with the hottest deals, planning your trip from A to Z, following up with you on the smallest details we are committed to guarantee you the ultimate level of comfort and satisfaction every time you travel with us.

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What We Do

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Trust Journeys Travel Club for personalized, customized leisure travel management. Our thirty-plus years of industry experience and strong brand enables us to negotiate and offer our travelers preferential rates on airfares, accommodation, car hire, tours, cruises, travel insurance, foreign exchange and more. We also offer a wide choice of travel packages and specials. Journeys Travel Clubs dedicated team of consultants is passionate about providing personal service, and sharing their extensive destination knowledge and advice, most often personally acquired. We are exceptionally proud of our long-standing customer relationships. Whether a travel package or customized travel itinerary, Journeys Travel Ltd’s meticulous attention to detail, global destination insights and personalized service we are committed to turning holiday dreams into reality.

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Journeys Travel Corporate Program is especially conceived for frequent business travelers and offers tailored travel packages, optimized to fit each traveler’s personal preferences. Our Traveler Profile features the frequent traveler’s list of needs and preferences and answers them with customized VIP services based on their own requirements. Our Corporate Travel department features experienced agents who are fully versed in our executives’ individual preferences, and in ensuring the highest standards of service are surpassed.

Our Corporate Travel services include:

Personalized travel

Quick and efficient support

Optimized packages and special discounts

A private phone line that allows our client to reach us or our overseas partners when needed.

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Journeys Travel Club co-ordinates and manages small to large conferences, meetings, conventions, seminars, team building, gala functions and product launches just to mention a few. Our MICE team pride themselves in offering a comprehensive and focused service, and is dedicated to delivering excellent value to ensure your event is seamless and successful.

For international conferences, Journeys Travel Club handles your entire trip needs and offers you:

Hotel bookings


Dinner arrangements

Entertainment reservations

24h assistance

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Book Your Events With Us

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The perfect start for a perfect marriage


Dreaming of a destination wedding in Lake Naivasha, Nairobi, Mombasa, Amboseli or Malindi? We will accompany you throughout your wedding journey, according to your unique requirements, to ensure that your dream comes true. Because your perfect day requires perfect wedding planning, from choosing the theme to finding the idyllic location, one of East Africa’s leading event planners to create tailored wedding experiences designed to make your special day unforgettable including honeymoon destination in Zanzibar, Santorini, South Africa or Thailand amongst many, Journeys Travel Club will be your guide.

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If you’re getting married in East Africa and have guests coming from abroad, Journeys Travel Club will take care of:

Mailing them the wedding invitation

Organize all their travel arrangements, such as flight and hotel bookings and airport pick-up

Plan tours for their entertainment to the most beautiful touristic sites and regions in East Africa.

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Journeys Travel Club will handle your destination wedding by:

Organizing civil or religious ceremonies in the most romantic places on earth

Renting ballrooms, villas, hotels, even castles for your wedding celebration

Taking care of all the planning involved, such as flowers, photographer, catering, music, etc.

Assisting you and your guests with airline tickets, hotel reservations, tours, along with dinner and entertainment reservations.

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Medical Tourism

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 We connect you with quality health

As more and more people are starting to travel abroad in search of the best medical care, we go the extra mile to offer, on top of your medical travel needs, the tourism part. Journeys Travel Club will handle your visit from arrival to the airport to your return home, cured and entertained. Your health and wellbeing being our top priority, we will give you the best of both worlds: the medical part of your journey will be covered by all-inclusive services including Meet & Assist, Transportation, Hotel & Apartment Reservation, Doctor Appointment Bookings, and Follow-up. For your leisure in between appointments or while you wait for the intervention, we will plan suitable tourism activities that match your interests and help you relax and unwind. And, for your ultimate peace of mind, you can rest assured that our medical tourism team will be available for help and support in case an emergency arises, so you can focus on your recovery while we focus on everything else.

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More than three decades’ industry experience

Travel your way, pay your way at 0% interest payment plans

Industry-leading travel expertise

Best-in-industry travel technology

A comprehensive range of service offerings including business, leisure and group travel

Recognized at the highest level, and affiliated and partnering with key bodies, strong partnerships.

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Our Brands

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